The Original…Since 2008!

The concept of SIN CITY JOKERS CLOTHING CO. came about in a discussion with a couple of buddies out at a car show.  They were throwing out design ideas on what they thought would look cool on a t-shirt.  Eventually what was said was, “F*** IT…LETS DO IT!”  The goal was mainly to put out clean, simple designs that not only they would like but (hopefully) everyone who saw them.

In the fall of 2008, with an initial investment of $1,600 and 1 design which was made for both men and women, Sin City Jokers Clothing Co. was born. In the beginning, friends and family showed tremendous support and in just 30 short days, the investment was earned back. So the decision was easy, reinvest the money to continue on!

Sin City Jokers Clothing Co. is a lifestyle brand with heavy influences stemming from the ‘AMERICAN KUSTOM KULTURE’.  The brand is a reflection of the lifestyle that was lived and is still being lived today with many of the ‘street’ cultures around us. The Lowrider and Kustom car scene, Biker, Tattoo, Graffiti and Rockabilly cultures play a tremendous role on what Sin City Jokers Clothing Co. is all about. This is SCJ!